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You can reach me via:
Anja Schulte · Jägerstraße 4 · 53844 Troisdorf · Tel.:+49 228 9456612 ·
If you have any further question or any comments about this homepage, please do not hesitate to let me know. If the one photography is not good enough for you to make a decision, please let me know and I will mail you further photography (but only via e-mail using the account ). If you don't like to use the above stated possibilities, maybe you take the chance to see the bears or talk to me on a fair.
  1. All shown bears are designed and photographed by myself. Because of the electronic presentation colour deviations are possible and not to avoid. The pictures are subject to the copyright and they are not allowed to be used without my explicit, written authorization.
  2. My bears are made for collectors and bear lovers but not for children!
  3. Order and delivery:
    The shown bears are normally ready to deliver, so I can send them right away after your ordering and payment. If you do order a new bear I will give you a delivery date. Normally that will last 6 up to 8 weeks. I will deal the orders one after another. I only send the bears as a packet with the charges of DHL. You only will have costs for the packaging if I have them myself.
  4. Payment:
    Payment takes place when you pick up the bear yourself, with cash on delivery or transfer on my bank account before the delivery. When you placed your order I will send you a bill with all the necessary information and after receiving the money I will dispatch the bear. If you order a bear I have to ask for a payment in the amount of 75 % of the estimated total turnover in advance right away due to bad experiences in the past. You are asked to pay the rest ten days before the delivery date.
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