Hi folks, I'm Connor and as you surely already have realized, on this side nothing's going to happen, if not even less than nothing. So, I use that oportunity of a near rat-free time (Sorry Despair, but I wrote 'near to', didn't I?) to show up. I'm easily to recognize as a supple squirrel perfectly to cuddle with and maybe one or another already met one of my family members, but lucky me, I have nothing to do with them. I prefer to be a loner, because I really had enough listening permanently of being as obstinate as a mule. Me a mule? By no means! I'm the most understanding, considerate, debating and funniest guy, you have ever met, except I'm ordered to do something which I don't understand and therefore can't accept. Than you will be deeply surprised, but isn't that absolutely logical? I can see such a light glimmer in your eyes, making me feel that you know exactly what I'm talking about, wow that's smashing!!! What about meeting and exchanging our experiences of our ignorant surrounding? Just bring 139,- € with you and we will have a glorious time.