Sorry, I'm adopted!
Hi there, I'm Ratgoblin. I'm a very unusual example of the big rat family, but nevertheless, I'm a rat. Having my home in the darkest corners of the woods, those ones, nobody of you ever will show up, I'm pretty much unknown. Even my rat colleagues address me as a legend. My camouflage appearance (felted, Dutch plush, up to 60 mm pile) is surely one more reason, nobody will find me, as hard as one might try. Otherwise, I'm looking the same as everybody else (green, felted, pretty sparse mohair (Helmbold) 12 mm pile). My name might sound a little bit frightening, but I'm an absolutely harmless and friendly fellow. I don't need much to feel at home, just some old, thick branches which I'm going to find at the ground. I work on them, till I feel really comfortable with them and then I already reached my aim of happiness and well-being. How I'm going to do that? Well, every secret has its price und mine is 59 €..