Sorry, I'm adopted!
Hello to you, may I introduce myself, I'm
born at the 7th of June 2018. My adorable size is 12 cm, but therefore I've to sit. I'm getting a little bit pissed off by listening to my name. What happens to FuzzyBears that she addresses me as Brownie; I'm not a piece of chocolate cake to bit in. I'm not a piece of cake, even when I know that I'm looking really sweet! My only advantage ist hat the chocolate cakes are spelled B r o w n i e s. FuzzybBears created me out of plush in different shades of brown with silver shining straight hairs app. 10 mm long gauze created by Steiff-Schulte. What's of importance beside that? My arms, legs and tail are reinforced by a wire and my neck is created out of the so called" animals skelett". Please keep in mind that I'm able to posture in whatever thinkable way, but my head can't be and shouldn't be turned around.
Bevor I forget to inform you on this: Sorry to say, but the adoption fee is setted to 64 Euro