Sorry, I'm adopted!
Hello, am I allowed to introduce myself? I'm
born at 31st, May 2018. I'm 9 cm tall. Oh dear, I've no clue about FuzzyBears intention by giving me this name. Within my certificate of birth, she addresses me as the world's best trouble shooter and that there is no problem that might fear me. I'm supposed to find a solution for every problem and even the well-known Albert Einstein (even by not knowing himself) might turn pale cause of my solutions. FuzzyBear recolours my rose Helmboldt fur (Uihhh what a colour!) by using tagetes and ferrous sulphate to obtain this beautiful green fur. I like it and due to this specific colour I'm even more special.What else should you know? My black glass eyes are made by Porzel and my posture is given to me by sheep's wool and steel pellets. My whiskers are given to me by some nice horses, they are much more steady than human hairs. Before I forget to mention; please keep in mind that there are very strong magnets within my feet so that I'm able to stand on the first aid box.
And last but not least, before you can adopt me, there is a fee for adoption of 64 Euro to pay.