Sorry, I'm adopted!
Hi there, I have no idea who you are, maybe I will know it soon; but I'm McSpoon. Each rat, being a sports friend, will screech now enthusiastically, because there is none, not knowing me. With my streamlined fur ( blue-grey, straight hairs, pretty sparse mohair (Helmbold), brown back, 10 mm pile), I'm racing down everything looking the slightest like an elevation, not caring about its steepness or soil. With my spoon, I'm racing down everything!! And even if it sounds and looks pretty easy to do, you have to be a mathematic genius, to calculate the proper angle and with taking the slope of the hill, your own position and the condition of the soil into account, to know, how you will arrive the fastest downside. I would love to discuss that further on with you, but that should be worth 64 € to you, because I surely don`t want to share my knowledge and my tiny, little secrets with everybody.