Little Emerelda
Hi there, I'm Little Emerelda and yes, you are looking wright. I'm surely no rat, bear or whatever else, I'm a dragon or to say it more closely, a dragon girl, but none the less a real FuzzyBears!! I love mica, all things sparkling, nail polish and everything else, girls love and need. So, I have to confess, I don't try to breath fire and I'm not going to, because I can't see any use of it beside blacken my little nose. And then I have to mention my mother. She sure is a dream of a lady, but not as my mother!! But that story is way to long to tell it at this place. I can grab your enthusiasm for me and smell your curiosity. We surly would be a dream team. Please, bring 194,- € with you and I'm going to tell you all stories about my huge family. You really can believe me; it never will be boring with me – at least as my mother isn't going to be close.