Sorry, I'm adopted!
Hi, I'm Little Mushroom and I'm one of the many members of the mushroom collecting rats. My fur (rusted red, felted, pretty sparse mohair (Helmbold), dark brown back, 12 mm pile) looks appropriately, because that way we can't get pray ourselves and we are not looing dirty that fast. It's more than important to me that I might be a member of that family, but being absolutely not interested in collecting mushrooms. That's just dreary!! Lying down under the most beautiful examples and dreaming is much more fun and I spend most of my time doing that. Further on the others only grumble with me for having no clue of properly mushrooms. Like that one, I'm coming with. So, what's wrong with that? I know the best places for mushrooms and when you have the same taste, I'm going to share my secrets with you, just show up with a little 'secret fee` of 58 €.