Hi there, I'm Speedi and I'm completely new in the FuzzyBears family and I'm going to show all those rats what real life means. I already had been for some time in FuzzyBears head, but it's an end till she is finishing an idea and giving birth to it, I can tell you. I just don' like my name, but I'm sure over time she is going to learn to find the wright names for snails. Speedi is way not fitting to me and you can stop grinning right away, because the reason is not me being a snail, living with the rumour being so slow. You should see my cousin, but wait, I'm wandering of with my thoughts. Me personal, I'm completely quiet, I'm so quiet, nothing can stress me. Oh, I can see, you are in need of exactly somebody like me. Please be so kind and bring 79,- € with you and together we are going to enjoy being well-balanced.