Hi there, I'm Jeane and mmmhh, well, I like to tell you something about me, but there is so much to say, I really don't know where to start. I love dresses, colours, big patterns, swinging skirts so wide, that a blowing wind makes you feel like flying. I'm able to spend my whole day with mica, glittering things, colourful nail polish and all those other for girls' essential items. Oh, that's fantastic. I can see the glimmering in your eyes. You exactly do know, what I'm talking about. Let's come together and we will spend a day of shopping and enjoying each other and then I can tell you all the other, exciting stories about me. Ooohh, that's embarrassing now!! Would you please be so kind and bring 91,- € with you? I'm nearly broken. You would do that? How wonderful! See you soon!!