Sorry, I'm adopted!
May I intoduce myself, I'm
born at the 28th of May 2018. I'm 7,5 cm long (like to say tall, but that's inappropiate I'm told). Oh man, sitting on my Vespa with darda drive, I'm announce as the quickest postman ever. People love me because of my speed and mostly they are happy. Sometimes they are made on me because then I'm that quick that the mail will not stick in the bag. I can tell ya, they are addressing me with ah, that fits not in here. It'sa hard world to work on. With my white Helmboldt- fur (slightly felted) and the very elegant looking body parts made of white ultrasuede I'm looking pretty good, am I? Other important things to know about me: Thanks for my blackk glas eyes to Mr. Porzel. For the upright carriage I have to thank sheeps wool and the indespensable steel pallets. My whiskers are given to me by some nice horses, they are much more steady than human hairs.
And last but not least, before you can adopt me, there is a fee for adoption of 64 Euro to pay.