I`m Anja Schulte and I really enjoy you visiting the FuzzyBears.

Already during my job as a teacher of children with special needs I tried many creative things as most of my bear infected colleagues did. So, one day it just happened as it probably had to and I learned about the “bear-making” and after a while it didn't let me go anymore. Most of my creative hobbies it just pushed aside. Only the painting with acrylics stayed and so once a while I combine those two for not having to decide which I`m going to do. In the meantime I`m a housewife and do have the time to concentrate on my fury fellows.

And I`m still really fascinated when a plain piece of mohair turns alive in a little creature seeming to blink at me.

A few remarks about my bears. All of them are made out of Steiff-Schulte-Mohair and because of that, it is not mentioned separately on the birth certificate. If I used a different fur, it will be mentioned.

Some of my bears will be available as twin- or sibling-bears. A twin means that the pattern as well as the fur are the same but I rarely make twins, mostly on request by my customers. A sibling is a bear made out of the same pattern but with different fur and accessories.

All of my bears will be accompanied by their birth certificate, giving you the most important information about your new friend you should know. I hope you will have a real good time rummaging my pages

With kind regards