And I`m the one who brought it really on the way. Upps, where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself: I`m Tramp.
There had been the time when our senior bear`s business brought him and our mistress for some time to Canada. So, our mistress decided to use the long winter evenings to make a real special bear. After I had been finished as a plain bear, she thought about some accessories suiting me really well, even knowing we don`t need anything because we are always dressed. After some shopping she gathered all the needed ideas and even the supplies to perform them – well, they probably saw a real tramp. So my shoes started to be the biggest problem: where to get them? But with a little bit of luck she found them on a bargain counter with faulty shoes. The right way of looking they got one afternoon in senior bear`s workshop while he was on business. Wow, I can tell you, the dust of the grinding could be found everywhere for quite a long time. But because looking like a real tramp he liked me immediately and always looks for a nice place where I`m watching the house where ever that is.
Hi hi, one day I even scared off a neighbor who really believed me a burglar. Amazing, with me being only 66 cm tall!